About this blog

I’ve started this blog after attending the Euruko conference, where I saw so many people returning to the open-source community, sharing their passion for programming with others. I, as a professional Ruby developer, would like to share my knowledge and experiences with the community as well, in the hope that it might help others that encounter the same problems.

On this blog you will find various articles describing programming problems that I encounter during my working hours or from projects that I participate in. Unless the source code is protected due work regulations, I will provide snippets or links to relevant GitHub repositories where possible.

About the Author

My name is Arne De Herdt, and I’ve been programming things since I got my first computer from my grand-parents. I’m a professional Ruby on Rails programmer, specialized in back-end development and API implementations.

All opinions and articles written on this blog reflect my own opinion and how I see or approach problems. In now way should they be taken for granted or as absolute truth, and they do not reflect the standpoint of my employers or friends.